Kalen Artinian


Now for something completely different, this is All Kinds of Philler‘s first interview! Earl brings in Kalen Artinian, comedy/horror enthusiast and director of Hellvetica and the upcoming Ruby’s Secret. They talk about how he started, making his short films, working in the Canadian industry, and the festival circuit. And along the way, they discuss Spring Breakers, Hitchcock, high school, Redline, and whether plaster casts really smell after they’re taken off.

Kalen Artinian (@kalenartinian) – Director of Hellvetica, and Ruby’s Secret

Audio notes: (1hr. runtime)
01:20 – Common history and film classes in high school
04:15 – What got you into filmmaking, Fight Club, and Spring Breakers
10:35 – Cinematography, and film changing the world
13:10 – Horror, and the festival circuit
21:05 – People in the industry, Telefilm, and working in Canada
26:05 – Audience reaction to movies, and Redline
29:50 – Hellvetica and Ruby’s Secret
44:20 – Guillermo del Toro and the horror community
51:05 – Colour in movies and Hitchcock
54:25 – Filmmaker shout-outs

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